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Tourist Guide


Victoria Memorial

Beautiful monument designed in Italian Renaissance-Mughal style is built between 1906 and 1921 on the lines of white marble (build of white marble from Rajasthan). It stands on the southern side of the Maidan (ground) near Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah BridgeIt is considered to be an engineering marvel, which took six years to construct in the 1940s. Over 2,590 metric tonnes of high tensile steel make up this unique cantilever bridge that joins the main Railway Station (for Calcutta) and the industrial city of Howrah with the city of Calcutta. Supported by two piers, each nearly 90 meters in height above the road level, the bridge has a span of almost 500 meters (no pillars in the middle). It was opened in 1943 and today it is one of the busiest bridges in the world. It is the third largest bridge in the world, has around 2 million people crossing over it daily. Visible from many places in Calcutta, the bridge is called 'Rabindra Setu'.

Fort William

fortwiliamIt is situated on the east bank of the river Hooghly and was named after King William III of England. It is surrounded by a 50ft high moat. It was built in 1757 after Robert Clive's victory at Plassey over Siraj ud-Daula. This fort was completed to prevent attacks from Muslim invaders. The fort walls, barracks, stables and the church of St. Peter are still intact. The area cleared around Fort William became the Maidan. In the fort, there is a church, market, post and telegraph office, cinema, swimming pool, boxing stadium, football and firing range. The Arsenal inside is worth visiting for which a prior permission is required from the Commanding Officer.

Science City

science cityScience City, which is located on Eastern Metropolitan By Pass, is an area of knowledge and adventure. This 21st Century marvel of science, communication and environment is the first and only institution of it's kind in India and has a Space Theatre. The main attraction of the Science City is the Space Flight, Dinosaurs Alive, Dynamotion, Life in Water, a world of Insects and Reptiles, walkthrough Aviary, Butterfly corner, Convention Centre, four seminar halls, Mini Auditorium, Musical fountain etc. This convention centre complex has a 2215 person capacity main auditorium, 40 capacity mini auditorium and 8 seminar halls. It is open to public every day from 9AM to 9PM (Even on public holidays).

Eden Gardens Stadium

Eden GardenAlongside the Eden Gardens is the world famous Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium. The stadium is supposed to be the largest in Asia with a seating capacity of more than lakh spectators. It was one of the first cricket stadiums in India where floodlights were installed and Day & Night cricket was played. The gigantic electronic scoreboard is also one of its kinds in the country. The stadium has had the privilege of hosting the most important of matches like World Cup Finals 1987, World Cup Semi Finals 1996, Hero Cup and many other tournaments.